June 15, 2024

Hartford Memorial Middle School

HHartford Memorial Middle School is located in Hartford, Vermont. We are composed of students in grades six through eight divided into teams: Apollo, Atlas, Nebula, Phoenix, Eclipse (6th grade only), Polaris (6th grade only).  We believe strongly that students grow best when they are surrounded by caring adults and peers in an atmosphere that both challenges and supports their learning and development.


Middle School is a challenging time of transition for adolescents as they rapidly change emotionally, physically and mentally. We strive to:

Assembly - 2023

  • Strengthen and build students’ communication skills, academic skills, and knowledge.

  • Challenge and motivate students to do their best.

  • Create a positive school atmosphere where students feel safe, comfortable, welcome and cared for.

  • Build students’ self-esteem and confidence.

  • Build and maintain positive relationships between adults and students.

  • Involve students in extracurricular activities, intramural sports, interscholastic sports, as well as academic programs and daily activities.  

  • Develop and expand students’ interests, curiosity, creativity, awareness and knowledge of the world.

  • Teach students to work together, to interact positively with each other and adults, to respect other people, and to behave as responsible members of our school community.