November 24, 2017
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Hartford Memorial Middle School Newsletter
Week of November 21, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving Break!  Since this is the season to share our thanks, I want to spend a moment thanking all of you.  Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive community for our kids.  Our school community is made up of approximately three hundred students and fifty faculty and staff who show up in our building each day and work their hardest to learn and grow.  But it is also made up of all of you--who are not walking the halls each day, but are there to support our community just the same.  You donate to hurricane relief at last week’s concert, attend culminating events, and bring forgotten sneakers to your child.  You pack lunches and snacks, send baked goods for student council, and (on the rare chance your child allows it) chaperone dances.  You check agenda books, email teachers, and join us for portfolio presentations.  You set boundaries, try to monitor social media, and cheer every step of the way.  Being a parent, especially a parent of a middle school student, can be hard and middle schoolers aren’t known for expressing their appreciation for their parents, so sometimes it feels like a thankless job.  But know that we are grateful to you.  We, students and teachers alike, could not do the work we do here without your support.  So thank you.

Have a restful and relaxing holiday break.  I hope that your Thanksgiving is full of family, friends, and plenty of good food.   

Tristan Upson                                                                


Turkey Trot

Nothing like a sunny and relatively warm day for our annual Turkey Trot!  Students enjoyed spending the last hour of the day outside, running the race, cheering on their classmates, and filling up on baked goods and hot chocolate from student council’s bake sale (because there is nothing that says, “Run your best” like a stomach full of cookies and pie…).  Congratulations to all of the students that ran today!  The winners of each race are as follows:

6th grade girls: 3- Annabelle Brabant, 2-Gabby Gardner, 1- Madi Moore

6th grade boys: 3- Evan Lynds, 2- Brody Tyburski, 1- Ezra Mock

7th grade girls: 3-Nedra Dwinell, 2- Laura Belmont, 1- Sophie Trombley

7th grade boys: 3- Trentin Bird, 2- Nolan McMahon, 1- Ozzy DeFelice

8th grade girls: 3- Grace Gardner, 2- Kaedance Brower, 1- Abby Vanderpot

8th grade boys: 3- Tarin Prior, 2- Drew Boyce, 1- Travis Leonard

HMMS Read-A-Thon is Coming!

Every year between the Thanksgiving and Holiday breaks HMMS holds it’s annual read-a-thon.  During read-a-thon, students spend the first ten minutes of class reading.  As a school, we keep track of how many books are read during this time.  We also have daily trivia questions, and there are lots of book giveaways!  This year, the read-a-thon will also correspond with the HMMS book fair, so keep your ears and eyes open for more information about that!  We are always excited to see just how many books we can read at HMMS during this month.  Help your kids stock up on book ideas over Thanksgiving break, and make sure they come with a book on Monday the 27th to dive into reading!

SBAC Reports Available

Student reports of the 2016-2017 are available for families.  If you would like a copy of your child’s SBAC math and reading reports from the spring 2017 test session, please contact your child’s counselor.  Team Equinox and Nova contact Melissa Cole at; Team Zapatera and Altitude contact Brenda Greene at  We are happy to provide the report for you!

Spring Sports

To the parents of spring sport athletes:  haven't seen the first snowfall yet, but it is already time to start planning for our spring sports programs.  First step is to figure out how many kids will be going out for a team.  We are asking parents to go into the registration site and sign up for your son or daughter's spring sport now so we can get an idea of numbers.  

As of right now, we are anticipating that we will have a softball team open to girls in grades 6-8, two baseball teams for 7/8 graders, and a track team for grades 6-8.  Please go to the school website ( and click on the Register Online icon to register as soon as possible.

Our Turkey Trot winners for 2017, minus Abby Vanderpot (3rd time 1st place winner)at the nurse