February 21, 2017
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Hartford Memorial Middle School Newsletter
Week of February 17, 2017


I wake up early on Winter Carnival morning like I do on Christmas morning.  In fact, Winter Carnival is my second favorite day of the year.  It is a day that is quintessentially middle school, and uniquely HMMS.  By 8AM today I had received no less than four texts from former HMMS staff wishing us a Happy Winter Carnival Day.  

Winter Carnival IS our own special holiday.  The halls are full of happy students, inflatable bowling pins, and the smells of student cooking creations.  The sounds of cheers coming from the gym during opening and closing ceremonies are deafening.  The snow-coated softball field is transformed into a bright white soccer field where it can be a challenge to see the white soccer ball with the glint of the morning sunshine.  Faces are painted, T-shirts are decorated, and the entire school feels festive and united.  During the surprise teacher air band performance today, two hundred students poured onto the dance floor to join us in the dance.  I was so moved by what a powerful statement that is about our school that by the end of the dance I was crying.  I am so proud to be part of HMMS.

The quote that I read this morning during announcements was from Anton Chekhov, a Russian playwright and short story author, who said, “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”  And that is part of the magic of Winter Carnival--despite the recent heavy snowfalls, delays, snow days, and the fact that we are all running out of room to put our shoveled snow at home, today is a day where we celebrate.  We celebrate winter, we celebrate being in middle school, and, most importantly, we celebrate our community at HMMS--and it is an amazing community we have!

Tristan Upson, upsont@hartfordschools.net, 802-295-8640 ext 3304



Spring Sports- Calling All Softball Players!

With all the snow we have been dealing with, it is hard to believe that spring sports are just around the corner.  We have had great response from families getting their athletes signed up.  Right now, we believe we have enough kids signed up to have a well-rounded track team, and two baseball teams.  Unfortunately, it looks as though fielding a softball team this year may be in jeopardy.  We only have five girls signed up.  We are looking into the possibility of opening softball to 6th graders to help field a team, but that is still being worked on.  

If you have a daughter who might be interested in trying softball, even if she has not played before, please contact Coach Rice via e-mail (rices@hartfordschools.net) as soon as possible.  We need to decide if we will have a team, and if not, find out if the girls who are signed up have any other options for playing with another team.

Hartford Youth Lacrosse

For any students interested in trying out lacrosse, the Hartford Youth Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce “TRY Lacrosse” and Lacrosse Open Stick on March 5th and 12th.  No experience or equipment is required and there is no commitment.  Please see this flyer for more information.  

8th Graders to Shadow at HHS

We are excited to be providing 8th graders with a new transition opportunity as they prepare to make the journey across the parking lot next year.  This year we have arranged for each student to spend half a day at the high school shadowing a student.  This will allow them to get a sense of what a high school class is actually like, how the school is organized, and what opportunities may be available to them.  Shadowing began on Monday of this week and will continue over the next several weeks until each student has had an opportunity.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s counselor: Zapatera and Altitude: Ms. Greene, Nova and Equinox: Ms. Long.  

Girls on the Run

We are really excited for another year of Girls on the Run at HMMS.  Sign up is now open! Register online (http://gotrvt.org/girls-registration/ by clicking SOUTHERN 5K or by form at the HMMS office). Practice occurs Thursdays and Sundays 3:00pm-4:30pm and runs from March 30th to May 20th. If you have questions, please e-mail Meghan.M.Grela.17@Dartmouth.edu. All grades, ages, and abilities welcome!

Hartford Performing Arts Camp Dates Announced

SAVE THE DATE: Hartford Performing Arts Camp (HPAC) 2017 will be held during the week of August 7-11 at Hartford High School. Incoming sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students (both Hartford and non-Hartford residents) are eligible to be campers. Registration will occur through the Hartford Recreational Department later this spring. 

Richmond Middle School Hosting Camp Fair

Families of K-12 students are invited to check out summer program opportunities at this free community event! Spread the word to all your friends in the Upper Valley.

Wednesday, March 1st

5-6:30 PM

RMS Gymnasium, 63 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH

Questions? contact Wendy Kares: 





Students of the Week features students for both big and small acts that show how great our middle school students can be!  Names are submitted each week by teachers throughout the building.  We have many students that show up and consistently give their best effort in everything that they do, and we want an outlet to recognize those students.  We also have students for whom school and meeting expectations can be more of a struggle and we want to highlight when those students demonstrate how awesome they are, too.  

This week’s students of the week include:

Olivia Merrill- for being a stellar student and a leader in M Block Drama Club.  She is always patient and kind to her peers.

Ava Thorburn-for her continued positive approach to everything we do in school.  She is always willing to help teachers and students and is a friend to all.  Her team wants to highlight her especially this week for her enthusiasm and effort in the M Block play.

Abby Vanderpot- for her especially thoughtful completion of the Squire’s Challenge, and speaking out about stereotyping.

Mayah Merrihew- for being kind and creative.

William Burns- for always being friendly and inclusive of his classmates.

The Cast of After Math- (Gavin Farnsworth, Hannah O'Neil, Trinity Martin, Tommy Mangieri, Hope Bebeau, Cheyanne Pero, Ava Thorburn, Jersey Ballou, Jacob Helms, SJ Walker, Jacob DeFelice, Maggie Dumont, Chaz Korkosz, Sam Morrill, Olivia Merrill, Rocco Clough, Darian Hulsart)- who performed 2/15 and really rose to the occasion taking on a one act in an every other day 23 minute M Block enrichment, and despite all odds, lack of time, never having done it before, the scripts being sent to the wrong location first, a later start than intended...each child brought a uniqueness and their individual spirit and drive What happened on Wednesday proved how special each of these students are.  The show focused on lifting others up and making a difference.  On behalf of Mrs. Baker-Morris and Ms. Chapman, a huge thank you and congratulations!